Homemade Exercise Equipment

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Homemade Exercise Equipment

Some friends and I over at the Primal Living StL meetup group have been talking about making some homemade exercise equipment recently and we are planning on getting together to do that very soon…  I was eager to get started so I made two pieces for myself and one for my Primal Blueprint Fitness Partner…  my 5y/o son! 🙂

Mace: SIMPLE to make… and less than $10. Took a 16lb bowling ball that I picked up from our local bowling alley for a $1 donation to MDA (I picked up 3 actually and was happy to make a donation to a great cause), add a 36″ piece of threaded steel piping, and a bottle of two-part epoxy. The guy at the pro-shop in the bowling alley was cool with drilling the bowling ball to the size of the pipe for me. Then it was home to thread the pipe into the ball, back it out to fill the hole with epoxy, and thread the pipe back in… all in all about 20 minutes including the drive to the bowling alley to pick up the ball and get the holes drilled.  Now I have a 20+ pound Mace that is awesome for core exercises.

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Slosh Tube: Another super easy piece to make on your own… went to Home Depot and picked up a 3″ PVC pipe at 10′ long; added one end cap, filled it about 2/3 full of water, poured in 2 lbs of salt to help prevent it from freezing in the winter since this bad boy has to stay outside due to the size, and capped the other end. I didn’t seal the caps as I wasn’t sure if I needed to get back into the pipe to add anti-freeze or more salt if needed. So far no leaking though!

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And now my favorite piece of equipment… my 5y/o son’s Mace! I cut down a golf club and attached a softball for him. His favorite color is blue, so we covered it in blue duct tape and he is ready to work out with me. 🙂

He is such a ham… haha

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